Outpatient Geri-Psych Program

The Horizon is an outpatient-counseling center, which assists the adult population to return to an emotional and mental well-being. The Horizon is designed to provide outpatient therapy in a comfortable, home like environment. Patients are provided three interactive group sessions per day with a licensed professional counselor. A board certified psychiatrist visits the participants once per week for medical management and individual sessions. Patients participate in the program for approximately 3 hours, 2 to 4 days per week.

The emotions and stresses associated with retirement, change in finances, loss of loved ones, loneliness and even the physical changes associated with growing older can be overwhelming.

  • Retirement
  • Financial Concerns
  • Loneliness
  • Physical Changes

For many, aging can present many life changes that are often impossible to overcome alone. In some cases the stress of growing older can actually overwhelm and disable a person, preventing the performance of even the simplest task. Often seniors responding to these stressors with depression or anxiety are labeled “senile” or “just old”. In times like this, The Horizon Clinic can help. It is our goal to help seniors and their families restore the lifestyle they deserve.

The Horizon Services Offered
Monday – Friday.  Transportation is available. For more information, call (662) 647-6400.